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Her name is Grace Lynn. She is currently thirteen years old. She lives with her loving parents and caring brother. She lives, laughs and loves with her family and friends. She fears God and nothing but God. She enjoys experimenting on her page in friendster and her friend's forum.

You can find her in the country of the Philippines in the city of Davao, living a peaceful yet enjoyable and unforgettable life. In her workplace(home), she edits images, makes graphics, have fun with family and friends, explores the WWW and most of all cares for her loved ones.

Her friends would describe her as crazy, caring, friendly, humble and intelligent. She doesn't agree with all those things. She disagrees in some of those traits especially the friendly ones. She believes that she isn't friendly. She believes that she is a simple girl with a mysterious side.

She is an ordinary human being living in an extraordinary world. But surely, this girl will ROCK your world. party on! :)

Respectfully yours,
grace ü LYNN :))

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